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This is us…well this photo was taken several years ago.  I guess it’s time for an updated family pic.:)

A little bit about us….

We love to take vacations.  If there is one big thing that we choose to spend our money on, it’s taking family trips.  Those are some of my best memories together as a family.

We love Auburn Football.  We spend a lot of time in Auburn during football season.  The front page pic of us is at the 2010 National Championship.  So thankful we could all be there together.   Thomas and I both graduated from Auburn University, so we are definitely die-hard fans.

We are almost always at some kind of a sporting event during the week, whether it’s practice, a game, or a gymnastics class.

I’m a stay at home mom/photographer, and a terrible cook and cleaner.

We are very involved in our church, Mayfair Church of Christ, which is where we’ve been worshipping the past 12 years.

But most importantly, you should know that my family is far from perfect.  Our lives are not all rainbows and candy dreams, because we do make mistakes…too many mistakes.   We have had tough days and we’ve had great days just like everyone else.  I may not post pictures about our terrible days, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.  We are servants of God and we strive to teach our kids to be servants of Him, but we are still sinners.  God’s grace is far beyond what any of us can understand.

This website if my digital family scrapbook.