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Mountain Mist 50k Trail Run

Well, he did it again.  Thomas ran the Mountain Mist 50k trail run again…this being the third time.  It’s a little over 31 miles in the woods, in the very wet mud, on a very cold January morning.  He finished 51 out of 327 people who actually finished the race.  I’m so proud of him!  PINMaddie and Joe were there to cheer him on with the kids.  I think they had a ball hanging out and waiting for him at mile 25 and then at the finish line.  He definitely had a cheering section.PINPINPotatoes.  That’s what he chose to eat at the rest stop. I think I would have chosen some cookies or even coke maybe if I were running that much.  :0PINPINPINPINPIN


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