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Instagram Iphone pics…. Random (May-August 2013)

PINSo Proud of these 2 guys.  They both received awards at Camp Ney-a-ti.  Carter got “Best Bible Knowledge” and Cam got “Mr. Ney-a-ti”PINCamden decided not to play at the park this year…he played on a travel ball team called the Hornets.PINCamden getting his locker ready for 6th grade.PINGrampy playing a game with the kiddos at the beach…2013PINCamden reading his summer reading book before 6th grade starts!PINFirst day of school…3rd, 4th, and 6th graders.PINPINPINPINat a birthday party…
PINDaddy painting her toenailsPINbeach 2013…LambertsPINBeach 2013PINBeach 2013PINBeach 2013PINBeach 2013PINBeach 2013
PINBeach 2013PINCrab huntingPINBeach 2013PINRPM Italian…ChicagoPINNANA CAMP 2013PINCamden Turns 11!PINALL Star State TournamentPINEnd of VBSPINEnd of VBSPINVBSPINPINCamp Ney-a-tiPINPINPINPINPINPINSpace CampPINPINFifth Grade DayPIN6th gradePINPINPINPINCarter and Jimmy.:)PINPINBirthday celebration at schoolPINPINPhoto shoot for Nana’s bookPINPINRecorder Concert…Carter third gradePINCaley’s Bible Wednesday night Bible class 2012/13PINPINBaja Trip
PINBajaPINBajaPINBajaPINBajaPINBajaPINCaley’s Wednesday night Bible class…2012-13PIN


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