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Christmas Morning!!

Christmas was a little bit different for us this year.  Camden got sick with the flu on Sunday so we didn’t get to have Christmas Eve with my family, and the Busby’s didn’t get to come spend today with us either.  Thankfully, Camden really only felt terrible one day, and he woke up this morning feeling great.  So, we will have have more Christmas celebrations this coming weekend!!  Christmas isn’t over for us yet!!!


Santa decided to wrap presents this year.  It was actually pretty nice because the kids all took turns opening presents, so the excitement lasted a little bit longer.  :)


PINCaley asked for “Mckenna” the doll of 2012.  PINCamden asked for Beats.PINCarter asked for this really cool remote control airplane from Banana Hobby.  So far, it’s been a disaster trying to fly it.  I think it’s definitely going to take practice!!!PIN

Next part of our Christmas day is going to see the movie “Parental Guidance” at Bridge Street.  :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


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