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Halloween and other randomness.

Well, I’m not too far behind.:)

I’m trying to get my family more familiar with my camera, so Thomas did good with this one.  I know I need to try and get more pictures of myself with the kids…or else they really are going to wonder where I was all those years.  Halloween was great this year, even for me.  Caley wanted me to dress up with her, which was really fun so I might try it again next year.  I need to come up with a plan to get Thomas to participate in the fun next year.:)   Carter was Cam Newton and Camden was a sort of mixture of several different things.

PINCamden took this one for us.  PIN

PINI was able to go with Camden’s fourth grade class on a field trip to Montgomery.  This was his cute little class.  I can’t believe that I’m a mom to a 9 nine year old.  PINMy cousin Cortney’s little girl Sarah Taylor celebrated her first birthday recently.  She is just the cutest thing!  Just so sad that I don’t get to see her as much as I would like to.PINThese next few pictures were taken in Sarah T.’s room…I think all the kids at the party tried to get out every toy in the room.:) There was a great window with awesome light coming in, so I of course jumped at the opportunity to get a few pictures.  PINHere is Carter with cousin Amy.:)PINNana and Carter
Macy poo.:)PINMy Caley-bug.  Camden isn’t in these pictures because he had to stay at home for a basketball tourney.  PINMe and my sweet hubs. Sure do love him.  Camden took this picture too. PIN


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