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I love this time of year…

Spring baseball has begun, and for our family, this is a busy time of the year.  All three kids are playing, on separate teams, so you can imagine how many different nights a week that we have either practice or a game.

Caley is playing softball this year…t-ball.

Camden is playing minors.

Carter is playing Coach Pitch.

I’m actually off to a good start because I remembered to bring my camera tonight to Carter’s game.  Thomas coaches his team, the Cardinals.  Carter chose to be #5, in honor of his favorite player on the Cardinals…Albert Pujols.

On our way home from the cruise we were able to stop in Atlanta and watch the Bravos play.  I have a feeling it won’t be the last Major League game we see this year.

Here he is taking a few practice swings before the game.

PINPINDaddy pitching.PINPINReady to hit.PINPINHere he is playing first base, which is probably where he’ll be for most of the season.PINClose game tonight, but a loss.  More baseball to come!!


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