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Disney Cruise 2011…Part 1

We were so very fortunate to go on the new Disney Cruise ship called “Dream” for Spring Break this year….all thanks to Thomas’s parents!  It was such a treat and I would highly recommend it!!  We had such a great time and the kids obviously did not want to leave.   Well, I didn’t either!

I did not even get my camera out the first day at all…I was trying to control myself.  Sometimes I feel like I have to capture every moment, which holds me back from participating in the family fun at times.  I doneed to work on that.

The boys quickly found their favorite thing to do for most of the trip…the Aqua Duck.  It’s a water slide/tube that goes around the ship and it’s pretty cool.  You can see through it and I did get a couple pictures of the boys riding it.

PINPINHere they come!PINPINPINCaley would have nothing to do with it.  She pretty much played in the pools while we were on the ship, with an occasional dip in the hot tub.PINThey also had this slide, but I don’t think the boys like it nearly as well as the Aqua Duck.PINTaking a dip in the hot tub.PINI took this from the ship the day we landed in Nassau.  The water was amazing!PINThe buildings shown here are all part of Atlantis…which is an amazing resort in the Bahamas.

PINPINEvery day we were there, the boys played some golf on the top deck.PIN


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