Mother/Son Banquet at church

March 16, 2014

I got to have a date with this cutie Sunday night at church.:)

Pioneer Day!

March 14


Cam’s Middle School Baseball Team

March 15
Team photo by John Stephens


Friends playing against each other!

Caley’s Tonsillectomy

These two pics were taken before surgery…bottom at Marah’s birthday party.Caley’s friend, Mallory, gave her this bear for having to get her tonsils removed.  So sweet.:)After surgery and doing good.Long recovery…day 9 and still not feeling good.Day 10 and finally feeling better. Ear pain has been the worst!  For some reason she ended up with a blue tongue.  Crazy!

Camden’s All Star basketball Team

Team photos by John Stephens

Cater’s All Star Basketball Team

February, 2014….5 Inches of Snow

Camden’s City League Basketball Team

Iphone pic